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Adult classes are designed to provide a safe, fun environment geared specifically for today’s busy adult. Just one to one and a half hours, twice per week, will give you the strength of body and peace of mind you deserve. Classes range in age from the mid twenties up into the sixties. Many of our adults also have children training, and utilize the martial arts as an opportunity to share a common interest with their kids.

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Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
6:45-7:30 (kick-boxing 7:30-8:15) 6:45-7:30 (kick-boxing 7:30-8:15)
* Kickboxing classes are included for Adult Martial Artist students.






This heart pumping, high-energy workout combines aerobic conditioning, strengthening and stretching combined into a unique workout taught by martial arts professionals. No formal martial art training is necessary.

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Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
7:30-8:15 7:30-8:15