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Family Program


We have a lot of ways for every member of the family to get involved. Some families really want to immerse themselves in the full experience. We offer traditional classes, Tai Chi, Hyper sport classes, Fitness Kickboxing, camps, birthday parties, special events, Creative Connections programs….all this and more.

We designed a membership that would allow a family to participate in whatever they want, whenever they want, without feeling like the had to have multiple family members committed to training just in the traditional martial arts program. The idea is, if you have two family members attending class regularly, an adult who wants to do Fitness classes when they have time, and drop in on a Tai Chi session when it works for them, they can do so. If the kids love camps and events, there are discounts for being a Total Dojo member. If someone wants to jump in on a Hyper session, it’s included in the family membership. If mom or dad wants to show up for the occasional martial arts class, they can do so without feeling like they have to commit to a twice per week program.

Basically, Total Dojo means total access to everything we have to offer on your terms.

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